All CIVICA Colorado middle school students will be provided a rigorous academic program that will prepare them for success in high school and beyond. The core English Language Arts and Math programs come from The College Board, the same company that publishes all of the Advanced Placement (AP) and the SAT test students take to get into college.  The program, Springboard, is meant to prepare students (or give them a Springboard) to success in AP programs and on the SAT.
In addition to Springboard, we will use the Pearson Elevate Science curriculum and digital platform along with middle school Career-Technical Education (CTE) modules provided by Paxton-Patterson. For Social Studies, we will employ the McGraw-Hill Discovering Our Past series and the accompanying Networks digital curriculum platform.


The core curriculum stays the same in high school, using the same four providers, with the addition of AP courses for students who choose to enroll.
CIVICA Academy students journey into their College and Career student life begins in 9th grade when all students take a College and Career Explorations course that will give them a taste of what each of our College and Career Academies can provide. 
Following the Explorations Course, students will apply to one of the three College and Career Academies and a formal acceptance ceremony will signify their acceptance. After joining their academy, students can switch from their grey and white middle school uniform colors and begin to wear the uniform color of their academy every day. 

APPLY 2023-2024