Students at CIVICA chose their College and Career Academy after taking Exploration of Career Pathways courses that will expose them to a semester introductions to each industry.  The College and Career Academies offered at CIVICA Academy are Health Services, Business and Information Technologies, and Northern Colorado Industry and Manufacturing.

Health Services Academy

  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Certified Nurse Assistant
  • Phlebotomy
  • Cosmetology

Business and Information Systems Academy

  • Communications
  • Cyber-security
  • Adobe Programs
  • Microsoft Office Enterprise

    Career Education

    CIVICA will provide a much-needed complement to the school district’s focus on providing more Career Technical Education options for our community. This school is an excellent way for the Board of Education to increase student choices more quickly than is currently planned with complementary or additional career pathways.

    CIVICA will provide several self-contained career exploration academies. In our College and Career Academies, students can graduate with industry certificates that enable them to enter the workforce and the many high paying jobs in our area. Starting in middle school, students will take a Career Exploration survey course and decide which pathway best suits their interests and goals. They will spend their high school years learning about their chosen industry or profession and acquiring skills and certifications that will enhance their candidacy for college or a career path after graduation.

    Our school will serve middle and high school in one building. With deliberate care, combining older and younger students will provide opportunities for academic and character mentoring. Also, as the middle school students are exposed to some of the College and Career Academy offerings, they will have a better understanding of the choices ahead of them in high school.

    We want our students to graduate from CIVICA overwhelmed with career choices. For example, a student may want to go into the military by way of a future Junior ROTC program, while another student may convert her high school apprenticeship into a full-time job as a machinist. Future nurses will be able to work their way through college while working with their Certified Nursing Assistant license earned in high school. Moreover, our pathways programs provide excellent coursework and experience that will help students with admission to the college of their choosing.

    APPLY 2023-2024