Dear Parents,

Welcome to CIVICA Academy, a new public tuition-free charter school for the Johnstown and Milliken community, where students are privileged to new and exciting opportunities in the areas of Health Services, Business and Information Systems, and Industry and Manufacturing.

The knowledge and experience they will gain through the respective academies are second to none. We are committed to preparing our students for a successful transition into post-secondary education or the workforce through a dynamic, career-oriented curriculum. It is our mission to establish an environment that strives for academic achievement, character development, and public service within our community. This is an unbelievable opportunity for the students in our community.

Parents, I truly want to make every effort to involve you in the process of educating your child. Research shows that when parents actively participate in their child’s education, student achievement and attitude improves. Our students need parental guidance and school support as they face the challenges and stresses of today’s society. As Principal, it is my objective to support our students and their families in our common educational goal. I invite you to play an active role in all facets of this Educational Academy—together we can make a difference!

If you have not yet completed an Intent to Enroll, please do so today and become part of our CIVICA family,

Sheena McOuat
CIVICA Academy

APPLY 2023-2024