Our Vision

“CIVICA Academy will develop willing students into character-driven, academically-trained,
college or career-ready young adults.”

Our Mission

“Through strong and consistent character development, core academics delivered by skilled instructors, and industry-specific courses taught by industry professionals to develop college and career readiness, CIVICA students will be prepared to enter college or the workforce upon high school graduation.”

We could not capture in the Vision and Mission statements our strong sense of Patriotism and the need to communicate to young people every day the character qualities of a responsible and contributing member to our community. We will affirm our Pledge of Allegiance every day at the beginning of school. We will regularly recite our Honor Code, which embodies our commitment to developing character-driven students.

Our Honor Code

“This is CIVICA Colorado. I will HONOR this institution and the people who work on my behalf. I will RESPECT myself and my peers in every interaction. My actions will demonstrate my LOYALTY to this family and to the values we hold dear. We are CIVICA!”

Our Program

CIVICA will provide young people with the skills necessary to be successful in their adult life; those being:

  • A strong character and moral compass
  • A solid academic foundation in the core subject areas, English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies based on the Colorado Academic Standards, 2020 edition (CAS2020)
  • A set of practical skills making students ready for entrance into a college or career of their choosing

We will provide a traditional middle school program with a strong focus on the core subjects. High school students at CIVICA will continue their academic training as they also choose a career pathway to complete a hands-on education that suits their interests and aptitude. We believe strongly in the 3R’s approach to learning, and have built our program around, Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. CIVICA will be an academically challenging school, teaching real-world knowledge and skills, while growing character-driven students that have a sense of their role in the CIVICA family and our community.

APPLY 2023-2024