CIVICA will establish a School Accountability Committee (SAC)
This advisory committee has several purposes, the foremost of which is to provide expert advice to the governing board on the design and operation of the school program. Responsibilities of the SAC will include but not be limited to assisting the board with implementing parent engagement policies, recommendations to the principal regarding school spending, recommendations to the principal regarding the school improvement plan, providing input regarding the principal’s evaluation, and development plans.
The SAC will meet quarterly and will share any plans developed by the SAC and data concerning school improvement on a regular basis. Additionally, CIVICA’s bylaws state that the board may create by resolution a Financial Advisory Committee and one or more other committees, which may exercise such authority in the management of the school as provided in such resolution or in the school bylaws.
Each committee created will consist of at least one board member and will include key stakeholders from the school community. Membership in advisory and other committees (such as the School Accountability Committee, Finance Committee, and Parent Teacher Organization) will provide parents and community members multiple avenues to engage with the school. The governing board will use committees to identify thoughtful and engaged parents who could be recruited to the school’s governing board. School committee membership will always require an affirmation of our Vision as a prerequisite to involvement. In that way, committees prepare members to advocate for the school and speak with authority in support of the school.

APPLY 2023-2024